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Ruyton XI Towns

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Programme of Events for 2022

  • Wed 9 Mar: Talk by Dorothy Nicolle - 2000 Years of Shropshire History
  • Wed 13 Apr: Talk by Sarah Thursfield - Medieval Costumes Part 2
  • Sat 14 May: Sunnycroft visit arranged by Mike Reece
  • Sat 9 Jul: Brother Cadfael walk by Dorothy Nicolle
  • Wed 14 Sep: Talk by Alan Smith - The Old Shrewsbury Show
  • Wed 12 Oct: Talk by Dorothy Nicolle – Shropshire in the Great War.
  • Wed 9 Nov: Talk by Mike Reece - King Alfred and the Making of England

Provisional Programme of Events for 2023

  • Jan Talk: Bring and Share, plus a quiz, Social.  No Speaker.
  • Feb: AGM.  A member of the committee to talk on the subject of their choice.
  • Mar Talk: David Trumper, “Telford Then and Now.”
  • Apr Talk: Jeremy Farrow, “The Poor Law.”
  • May Visit: Dr Andy Wigley, “Significant Sites in RXIT.”
  • July Visit: Llanfyllin Work House by John Slowley.
  • Sep Talk: Dr Nigel Baker, “Shrewsbury Castle Dig.”
  • Oct Talk: Alwen Hughes, “The Making of Lake Vernwy.”
  • Nov Talk: John Slowley, “The History of Madness.”

For further details, see the Events Page

The history of Ruyton XI Towns, situated close to the Welsh border between the Shropshire towns of Shrewsbury and Oswestry, dates back to at least the Anglo Saxon period, (410-1066) as it is recorded in the Doomsday Book .

The village gained its name in the twelfth century when a castle was built and the village became the focus of eleven local townships, some of which still survive today. The eleven townships in question were: Coton, Eardiston, Felton, Haughton, Rednal, Ruyton, Shelvock, Shotatton, Sutton, Tedsmore, and Wykey. The name of the village has changed a few times from Ruyton of the Eleven Towns or simply Ruyton.

In 2008 the 'township' celebated its 700 year Charter Borough anniversary which coincided with the completion of preservation work on the ruins of Ruyton XI Towns' castle. The resulting interest in, and awareness of, the parish's history led to the creation of the Ruyton XI Towns Local History Society.

The aims of the Society are: To promote the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the history, archaeology and architecture of the parish of Ruyton XI Towns and its surrounding area and to investigate and encourage research into the history, archaeology and architecture of Ruyton XI Towns and its surrounding area.

The Society, which meets regularly provides lectures, visits and exhibitions. New Members are always welcome. The annual membership fee is £10. Non-Members pay £5.00 per meeting.

The Cross, built in 1881 on the site of the old lock-up of the Ancient Manor and Borough of Ruyton. It was originally intended to house a light so that the intersection of Church Street with School Road could be seen more easily.

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Ruyton XI Towns looking South East - 1951 © Historic England
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